Texas RV Insurance

Recreational vehicles are a wonderful way to travel and see the country without breaking the bank on airfare, hotels, and dining out three meals a day. Texans love the freedom that RVs bring, but they also worry about the major financial loss they could suffer if anything goes wrong while they’re traveling.

Think About Insurance On Your RV Before Purchase

If you already own an RV, or you’re thinking of purchasing one, you should make it a priority to purchase Texas RV insurance to make your traveling as worry-free as possible. While there are many types of recreational vehicles, there are just as many types of Texas RV insurance policies for you to choose from to get you the policy you need at a price you can afford.

Different Policies For Different RVs

The term Recreational Vehicle covers a lot of ground. Your regular auto insurance policy may offer you limited coverage for some types of RVs, but not others, and not in appropriate amounts for the amount of money you have invested, so it’s important to understand the terms used by insurance companies, and the different types of Texas RV insurance available to you. Depending on whom you’re talking to, the term RV can refer to:


  • Motor Homes
  • Campers
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Pop-Up Trailers


Texas RV insurance refers to coverage for your motorized RV. An RV is a home you can drive, but it’s not covered as a home by your homeowner policy, and it’s not covered as a vehicle by your automobile policy. It’s important that you have Texas RV insurance in the correct amounts that covers you for all the eventualities that might arise when you’re out on the open road in your motor home.

Your RV Isn’t A Home Or A Car — It’s Both

While your Texas RV insurance isn’t the same thing as automobile insurance, you’ll find the basic coverage terms to be very similar. Texas RV insurance start with state-required coverage for liability for damage to other people’s property, and then you can choose from coverage for injuries, medical payments, personal injury protection, collision, comprehensive, towing and labor, and other familiar policy terms.

Texas RV Insurance Might Be Required By Your Lender

Motor homes are often quite expensive, and if you’ve used a bank or finance company to purchase yours, you might discover that you’re required to keep Texas RV insurance in force at all times. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re currently traveling around the state or if the RV is parked in your yard, the titleholder on your RV needs proof that the motor home is covered in case of catastrophic loss. In the event that you let your conventional Texas RV insurance policy lapse, your lender has the legal right to immediately take out what’s referred to as a Forced Insurance Policy on your RV, and that policy is invariably more expensive than getting one on your own.


Traveling around Texas, the rest of the United States, or all of North America is supposed to be a fun and carefree way to see the sights. Don’t let a lack of Texas RV insurance keep you from enjoying your motor home fully because of worries over insufficient insurance.

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